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As a cooperative financial institution, Focus Federal Credit Union’s volunteer board is vital.  The board consists of 7 directors who are member/owners of the credit union. Members are elected to the board as part of the annual meeting process.  As a member of Focus Federal Credit Union’s Board you would commit to serving for a term of three (3) years after which you are eligible for re-election.  If you have been asked to fill a vacancy you will serve until the next annual meeting, at which point you are eligible for re-election.

The following is a summary of your responsibilities being a credit union board member:

The board of directors is responsible for the general direction and control of the affairs of the credit union.

Carry out your duties as a director in good faith, in which it is reasonably believed that the directors are acting in the best interests of the membership.

Administer the affairs of the credit union fairly and impartially and without discrimination in favor of or against any particular member.

Within six months have at least a working familiarity with basic finance and accounting practices.

Direct management's operations of the credit union in conformity with the Credit Union Act, other applicable law, and sound business practices.

Attend monthly board meetings.  Board meetings are typically the 4th Tuesday of each month meeting from noon to 1:30.

Participate on one of the Board committees that you are assigned to (Human Resources, Asset/Liability Management, Supervisory/Audit.)  Committees typically work via email, but may meet in-person from time to time when necessary.

You will be expected to attend the annual planning seminar conducted over a weekend, and an annual shareholders meeting.

Continue to increase knowledge of governance, industry, trends, financial trends, the credit union’s performance, strategic initiatives, and services through various educational venues.

Represent the members and support decisions made by the Board.

Participate in open, honest and constructive debate and treat all members with respect.

Keep private member information confidential.

If you are interested in becoming a board member fill out this form.